Barbara Tomasic


42nd Street on 49th Avenue is a delightful, dizzying triumph. The verve and intelligence of this Barbara Tomasic-directed, feel-good production is cumulatively astonishing. - 42nd Street, Paul Durras

The Music Man is big and brassy enough to warm the December chill. This beautifully executed production injects a warm shot of sunshine into our icy December - The Music Man, Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight


It's so well done that the last lie will have you hooting with laughter, just as the evening began....Bravo!! - Triumph of Love, Laura Murray, PR.


Triumph of Love has all the bones of a fantastic night out.  - Triumph of Love, Vancouver Presents


Barbara Tomasic's interpretation succeeds in spades. - Crazy for You, Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


Crazy for You is crazy good. - Crazy for You, Jerry Wasserman, The Province






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